Whether you're a seasoned career woman or just starting to build your work wardrobe, we have tools to make things easy for you!

Electronic Style Consultation:

If you're ready to start building your wardrobe and wish you had a little guidance, e-style may be just the thing. A personalized "do's and don'ts" guidebook to help accentuate your positives, this computer-generated style tool packs a lot of value for $100! Here's how it works:

1. When you schedule yourself in for a body scan, mention that you'd like to add the optional e-style ($100).

2. The data from your body scan will be loaded into a program to generate a comprehensive set of style recommendations personalized for you based on your measurements, shape, and other factors.

3. We'll give you access to your personalized e-style results. Log in and review your file at your leisure, or let us walk you through it.

4. Make your wardrobe selections with confidence, no matter where you choose to shop. 

Clients tell us the e-style consultation is an incredible value. 


Use Our Network!

Maybe you'd rather have the benefit of a trained wardrobe expert. In addition to our in-house expertise, we are in contact with professional image consultants and personal stylists of various specialties and are happy to make introductions. Image consultants and personal stylists do charge for their services, but referrals within our network are free of charge. Give us a little background so we may suggest a good match. 

Virtual Closet:

One of our favorite tools is the Virtual Closet. Let us set you up with a closet! Then you can upload images of items you have in your own wardrobe and put us to work for you. We'll help you leverage what you already have, suggest items to fill gaps...even organize and tag outfits to mix and match in your virtual closet. This tool is so cool. Give it a try! (There's no charge for the Virtual Closet, but you may incur data charges from your mobile carrier.)