Customer Care:

It is a delight to serve you, our customer. Should you have any questions after browsing our site and checking our FAQs, please send us a question on our contact form . Our associates are here to assist you! 

Return Policy:

We want our clients to be satisfied with their purchase. Though we cannot accept returns on custom orders, we’ll work with you to achieve a satisfactory fit. Please refer to our guarantee on custom clothing.

Returns on ready-to-wear items are gladly accepted within 30 days of purchase provided the item is in new, unworn condition with original tags and receipt. In the event of a manufacturer’s defect, please contact us for instructions.


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Q: How much does it cost?

A: Great-fitting custom pants in high-quality super 120s wool start at below $395. Our 2-piece custom suits in the same fine fabric start at around $900 and go upwards of $2,000, with the main determinant being choice of fabric.

A long-sleeve cotton shirt, made based on your measurements, starts at $110. 

Our high-quality 12-gauge cashmere sweaters, made to your own measurements and color selections, start at under $300 for a sleeveless v-neck, around $400 for a long-sleeve cardi. Merino/cashmere blend or silk/cashmere blend would lower the price. Sixteen-gauge cashmere would raise it. Standard sizes (XS-XL) cost about 15% less than custom.

Q: How long does it take for a fitting consultation? 

A: Allow approximately one hour for a body scan, style discussion, garment selection, and fabric selection.

Q: Can you make me a pencil skirt? A flared skirt? A straight skirt?

A: Yes. Yes. Yes.

Q: Why isn’t your custom clothing returnable?

A: Custom clothing is very specific to the client for whom it was made, in terms of size, style components and fabric. For that reason, we’re unable to accept returns. In the event of a manufacturing defect or measurement error, we will do all we can to correct the problem or refund the client’s money if we can’t correct it.

Q: Can you guarantee me a perfect fit?

A: Perfection is in the eye of the beholder and it’s tough to guarantee something so subjective. What we can assure is that your fit will be superior to what you can buy off-the-rack, that you’ll have immensely broader fabric selection, and that you’ll have the ability to custom-configure your garments that you couldn’t dream of with off-the-rack clothing.

Q: What if the clothing doesn’t fit?

A: Most of our items include a 2-step fitting process. You’ll be measured when we meet in person and your fit preferences will be noted. Once your completed garment arrives, we’ll get together again to fine-tune the fit. It's unlikely that we won't be able to create a satisfactory fit for you.

Q: Do you offer any break in pricing for women who are just starting their careers?

A: Yes, we do offer a discount on custom tailored clothing for full-time students with a valid student ID. The discount is appreciated by students pursuing advanced degrees such as business and law as they prepare to launch their post-graduate careers. Contact us for details.

Q: Why can’t I order custom clothing on your website?

A: We currently use a 3D body scanner to collect clients' measurements and shape so we have to get together with the client and the technology. Soon, we expect to be able to accept follow-on orders online. Stay tuned.

Q: Do you have any stores?

A: We have a full-service boutique in downtown Wilmington, Delaware, complete with safe, attached, free parking (comp'd by us actually). And we have a limited New York City showroom set up for body scanning clients there. It's just across 49th Street from Saks 5th Avenue, about a block from Rockefeller Center, so let us know if you're in the neighborhood! We hope to have a mobiile showroom on the road before long so we can extend our service area outside the radius of these 2 locations -- we plan to go as far as Washington D.C., initially. We hope to broaden the area we can serve over time so let us know where you’re located!

Q: What is a trunk show?

A: The term “trunk show” comes from the days of old when a vendor would roll into town for a couple days bringing all his or her wares in trunks for the townsfolk to see and buy.

An entreDonovan trunk show is an event where we bring a great representation of our goods – try-ons of suits and blouses, hundreds of fabric swatches, and so on -- to a location such as a hotel, boutique, university, or other gathering place where attendees can see it and make purchases for a very limited time. Typically, we may have a preview event followed by a day of private appointments where women can get measured and place orders.

We also sponsor in-store trunk shows, inviting designers to bring their merchandise to us for our clients to shop.

Q: Why should I buy from entreDonovan and not directly from some of your vendors’ websites?

A: Many of our vendors sell directly to the public from their own websites as an accommodation. We typically offer better pricing than the vendors do. In addition, we often have a more full fabric selection than what they show on their sites and, of course, we specialize in serving our customers.

Q: Men have a well-developed industry of custom clothing that’s been available to them for years. Why has this been so slow to develop for women?

A: We’ve been asking questions along those lines for quite some time and have gotten a wide variety of answers: women’s fashion changes too quickly; women’s bodies change so much that the clothing won’t fit them after a while; women shop differently; the drop between shoulders and waist is much more extreme in women than in men, making it harder to produce a well-fitting jacket; women don’t want to invest in high-quality clothing. We find some of these answers to be plausible while others are completely without merit. Most of them support why women SHOULD have custom clothing options. Our body shapes have more points of variance than men’s do which is exactly why we SHOULDN’T be expected to buy off-the-rack! We think the biggest reason why the women’s custom clothing industry is less well-developed than the men’s is that it’s harder. That’s OK with us. Bring it on!

Q: Is there really demand for women’s custom clothing?

A: We wondered the same thing – since it didn’t broadly exist – so we’ve been asking women over the past year. We’ve found an overwhelmingly positive response. The majority of interest revolves around women seeking better fitting pants, jackets, blouses and shoes. But there’s also been strong interest from women who want the sleek, tailored look of, say, the Theory suit, but without looking exactly the same has their peers. I.e., they want more than a handful of fabric options. We have a feeling that, as women realize what’s possible, demand will really become obvious.

Q: Why are your custom silk blouses so expensive?

A: I know, right? We have 2 different makers of silk blouses, a small local sewer and a large overseas producer, and the cost is similar regardless of where we place the order. The delicate nature of the fabric requires special care in sewing and contributes to the high cost. We wanted to make the option available to our clients but we agree that the price seems steep so we’re working for a more cost-effective solution.

Q: Do you actually sew the clothes yourself?

A: We don’t own manufacturing. We deal with a number of makers, large and small, domestic and overseas.

Q: How can I buy a gift card?

A: Gift cards are available in any denomination online or in person. We can send you an electronic gift card or mail you a paper document, as you prefer. Our gift certificates never expire. We are also able to arrange corporate gift card programs that would entitle employees to prepaid purchases and discounts. Contact us for details.

Q: How can I redeem a gift card?

A: Gift cards can be redeemed at checkout in the online store or in person. Any unused balance will be carried and usable for future purchases. Except in states where it's required by law, gift cards are not redeemable for cash.