entreDonovan Wholesale offers custom clothing for women professionals – great-fitting, well-made pants, dresses, skirts, blouses, suits, and more – made to order and at accessible prices. Hundreds of fabric options are available. We offer excellent solutions for petite, tall and plus sizes.

A carefully-edited collection of ready-to-wear brands complements our custom clothing offering.

Demos are possible at one of our two locations: our New York city showroom or our boutique in downtown Wilmington, Delaware.  

For more information or to inquire about our custom womensear program for retailers, reach us at To join our mailing list, sign up here. You may also check FacebookLinkedInTwitter and other social networks to see what we’re up to.


Our mission is to bring a great-fitting, high-quality career wardrobe to women professionals, offering excellent client service and broad selection, based largely on the ability to customize. We aim to treat all constituents fairly and honestly, giving them our best efforts and building long-term relationships.

We align with vendors who we believe can help us achieve this Mission, employing knowledge, experience, technology, and quality standards that enable us to meet or exceed expectations. Building a company based on these premises will, we hope, position entreDonovan as an employer of choice and a great organization with which to be associated.


In business school, and for many years after, founder Linda Farquhar was intrigued by the differences in clothing options available to men and women, especially with regard to custom clothing. In 2011, she finally decided to do her part in creating parity — and then some. Today she and her capable team have put together an exciting portfolio of custom solutions aimed at fulfilling the wardrobe needs of female professionals. Additional resources are being sought and added, and the portfolio is constantly being refined.


True Custom Shirts and Blouses at Better Prices -- In July 2013, we brought on another maker of shirts and blouses.  Improving on our original try-on program for cotton shirts, we can now offer fully custom-fitted cotton shirts in a wide array of fabric choices and style options.  This new maker enables us to accommodate a wider range of size parameters as well as special fit challenges.  Improved fit and selection come at no real cost difference to our clients.  We are also now able to offer high-quality, custom-fit silk blouses at prices about 20% lower than our original program.   

New Store Opening -- In July 2013, entreDonovan opened our first store location -- a pop-up shop in Wilmington's prestigious Hotel DuPont at 1007 North Market Street, Wilmington, Delaware. The shop enabled us to serve clients where they work, in the heart of Wilmington's legal and financial district. We opened a permanent location at 222 Delaware Avenue, just a block away, in march of the next year.   

Custom Footwear Program -- In December 2012, we signed with a producer of women's footwear allowing us to measure women's feet and help them custom configure footwear to fit!  Some 160 leather, snakeskin and other swatches are available in a vast selection of style options and heel heights.  With the help of an iPad app, we can now offer custom configured footwear in sizes ranging from ladies' 2 1/2 double narrow to 15 double wide!  Around the same time, we engaged a well-known manufacturer of classic women's footwear so we can offer more than 60 sizes off-the-shelf. 

Body Scanner Improves on Traditional Measuring Devices – After beta testing for a year, we licensed our first body scanner for commercial use and began taking clients' measurements AND SHAPE data to achieve a better fit than what the tape measure and other devices could yield. By 2017, our use of the technology had advanced quite a bit to where we've developed an entire workflow to produce great-fitting clothing for women.